Zombie Farm

The premier game for The Playforge is a fun, freemium farming game with a twist...you can also farm zombies! During my time on Zombie Farm we built a new, highly scalable save system, vastly expanded the social elements, and did a major rewrite resulting in the all new Zombie Farm 2.

  • Designed and developed online, database-driven save/load system
  • Architected a generalized Remote Data API to allow for live updates of content across all games
  • Aggressively pursued rebuilding systems to be data driven for easier updating and deployment
  • Rebuilt farm loading system to allow for multiple accounts, live switching, and Neighbor visiting
  • Actively engaged in polishing, tweaking, and bug fixing to improve player experiences
  • Built out localization tools to help ensure faster and better coverage in all languages

Zombie Farm iOS App - Free
Zombie Farm 2 iOS App - Free
Zombie Farm Trailer
Zombie Farm Gameplay Video
A Quick Solitiare

A Quick Soliatire is a small but highly polished Solitaire app built in XNA for the Windows Phone 7 platform. It is intended to get the player into the game quickly with no clutter or fuss.

  • Designed, developed, and shipped the game
  • Oversaw outsourced art contracting (done by Adam deGrandis)

Windows Phone 7 App - Free
Torque 3D 2009

Torque 3D is the flagship game engine for GarageGames. In it we majorly refactored the tools, the art pipeline, and the rendering system. We also added a number of new features including a modern terrain system, Forest system, River and Road tools, Prefabs, a simple geometry editor, and a robust shape editor.

  • Tasked, scheduled, and tracked the progress of the internal and external developers
  • Assisted in critical feature development as needed
  • Developed ShaderGen features for pureLIGHT integration
  • Wrote DIF (CSG geometry) to Collada exporter
  • Improved polysoup collision system efficiency and usability
  • Worked closely with Full Sail QA Lab to develop their testing procedures and practices

Torque 3D Chinatown Demo Video
Torque 3D Burg Demo Video
Torque 3D Scene Construction Video
Torque 3D Terrain Editor Video
Torque 3D 1.0.1 Tools Demo (Windows)
Torque 3D 1.0.1 Tools Demo (Mac)
Torque Game Engine Advanced

Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.7 was a massive reworking of our TGEA product line. We combined features and fixes from TGE, TGB, and our internal R&D engine work (Juggernaut) and then polished the user experience until we reached a very stable and productive game engine. We then took it a step further and integrated a new Mac graphics layer to provide a fully cross-platform shader-driven development platform in TGEA 1.8.

  • Polished, updated, and finished internal R&D engine for public release
  • Added MegaTerrain feature and multiple terrain editing support
  • Integrated and updated all previous Torque demos
  • Implemented critical bug fixes
  • Built Barricade demo via level editing, scripting, and bug fixing
Winner of the Frontline Award for Engines in 2008


TGEA Barricade Demo
TGEA Barricade Video
TGEA Forge Demo
Torque Game Engine 1.5

Torque Game Engine was the original OpenGL game engine that GarageGames purchased from the Dynamix Tribes team and released to the public at a ground breaking $100 per license thus starting the "indie" movement. TGE 1.5 was the culmination of 3 years of steady development and was the first paid upgrade to the engine. Our focus on polish, usability, and stability makes it a favorite engine to this date for many independent developers.

  • Planned schedule and features and managed internal and external developers
  • Bug fixing, scripting, polish, usability, and demo updates

Torque Game Engine 1.5.2 Demo (Windows)
Torque Game Engine 1.5.2 Demo (Mac)
Torque for Windows Phone 7

Employing a brand new engine architecture, a radically different game object model, and a powerful new toolset, Torque for Windows Phone 7 was the first platform that we were targeting for our future Torque technologies.

  • Developed feature list and high level tasks list
  • Worked with internal and external programmers to implement, update, and validate task scheduling
  • Primary hub of communication between internal/external development and all stakeholders
  • Helped write critical documents including the Technical Design document and detailed feature specifications
  • Assisted in QA processes, internal build processes, and demos
  • Supported and provided redundancy for team members and co-workers as required to assist development
  • Developed independent XNA test rig for art content testing and benchmarking

Torque for WP7 Art Test Video
Torque X 3.1.5

Our focus for Torque X 3.1.5 was in bringing the much neglected Torque X 2D and Torque X 3D engines up to their full potential. We accomplished this by integrating a number of bug fixes from the community as well as applying several months of development time from our top end Torque developers. We increased the stability and productivity dramatically.

  • Managed tasking and scheduling of contractor teams
  • Updated build processes, installers, and implemented tools for generating Visual Studio templates

Torque X 3.1.5 Demo
Torque Game Builder 1.7.5

TGB 1.7.5 was a fairly small project whose intention was to address a handful of critical bug fixes and Windows 7 compatibility issues that had cropped up over the last several years. We also took the time to integrate a suite of low level improvements and fixes from some of our top tier partners.

  • Managed contractor teams
  • Merged critical bug fixes from partners and community
  • Updated build processes and installers
  • Implemented bug fixes and usability improvements

Torque Game Builder 1.7.5 Demo (Windows)
Torque Game Builder 1.7.5 Demo (Mac)
Rack 'Em Up Road Trip Demo
Marble Blast Ultra

Based on our previous experience with Xbox 1 Live Arcade (Marble Blast and ThinkTanks), Microsoft picked GarageGames to build one of the premiere Xbox 360 Live Arcade titles. We updated the engine, the artwork, the levels, and added a whole new multiplayer game mode. Our focus on balancing the casual and diehard gameplay elements has led it to still be on the top 10 XBLA games four years after its release.

  • Updated singleplayer game scripts and added new features like checkpoints
  • Implemented multiplayer prototypes and game scripts
  • Implemented stencil shadow system
  • Implemented "instantaneous" 3D level preview system

Marble Blast Ultra (XBLA Demo)

Rokkitball originally started as a small prototype that Tom Bampton and I put together very quickly in time for the Independent Games Conference in 2005. The basic gameplay (soccer with rocket launchers) was so compelling that we walked away with a ton of people interested in helping us finish the game. I ended up building a far more complete Alpha version of the game while working at BraveTree just before we were bought by GarageGames. Years later the game idea was still so interesting that it was put into production as Rokkitball for the InstantAction Arcade.

  • Designed basic gameplay
  • Implemented prototype multiplayer gameplay
  • Implemented both simple and complex team-based AI systems
  • Built and demoed Alpha version

Rokkitball Gameplay Video
Sector T3D

Sector T3D was a collaboration between the Torque team and the InstantAction Studio art team to put together a small but visually impressive demo for Torque 3D for Xbox 360. Building upon some basic artwork from Bram Eulaers, we put together this demo in the two weeks leading up to GDC 2010.

  • Implemented gameplay scripting
  • Worked with artists to integrate their artwork into a new content pipeline
  • Updated and fixed Xbox 360 version

Sector T3D Demo Video
ThinkTanks for Xbox 1 Live Arcade

ThinkTanks for Xbox 1 Live Arcade was one of the original launch titles for the Xbox 1 Live Arcade. It was a port of the existing PC version of ThinkTanks to the brand new Torque Shader Engine (later renamed to Torque Game Engine Advanced) with some selective upgrades of the graphics, control scheme, and gameplay code to make it more suitable for the console. The majority of this work later found its way into the ThinkTanks Online that was released as part of InstantAction Arcade.

  • Bug fixing, gameplay coding, minor level design

ThinkTanks Online (2.0) Video
ThinkTanks 1.1 Demo (Windows)
ThinkTanks 1.1 Demo (Mac)

For a long time the Torque community struggled with free or legally ambiguous CSG editors when they were building structures and interiors for their levels. GarageGames started contracting me (and later hired) to build a new CSG editor on top of the Torque Game Engine. Aimed at being familiar for 3ds Max, Hammer, and Lightwave users and utilizing the powerful TorqueScript system, we built a modern CSG editor which was easy to use and easy for developers to extend for their own needs.

  • Primary product designer and Lead Programmer
  • Implemented core systems including BSP compiler, rendering, and CSG operation tools

Torque Constructor 1.0.51

These are a few samples of the types of documents I have written over the years while working with Torque:

Tutorial: What is the difference between Concave and Convex?
File Format Specification: DIF File (Interiors) - 44.14
Contact me at drakanfyr@gmail.com